The Artists We Work With

Sandy Lam

One of China’s biggest pop stars, Sandy Lam rose to fame in the 1980s as a Cantopop singer.  Born in Hong Kong, she made her recording debut in 1984 and…


A-Mei is one of Taiwan’s biggest Mandopop stars. Debuting in 1996 with her album “Zǐmèi”, she immediately climbed to stardom. Her second album, Bad Boy, became the second best…

Elva Hsiao

Emerging to fame in 1999, Elva Hsiao is one of Taiwan’s top Mandopop singers and actresses. Her self-titled debut album included the hit ballad “Zuì Shúxī De Mòshēng Rén” immediately…

Jun Kung

Known as “The Drummer” in Hong Kong, Jun Kung is a true renaissance man with a extensive career in playing drums, bass and guitar as well as songwriting,…

Michael Wong

Michael Wong is a Chinese-American actor, singer and director based in Hong Kong. Michael’s career debuted in the 1983 kung fu film, “Invincible Obsessed Fighter.”  Since then, his extensive career has seen…

Tien Chong

Tien has been working with SeanyMac Studios from the age of 19.  New to the Mandopop scene, Tien’s sultry voice is in a class by itself.  Tien spent…

Jill Vidal

Jill blasted onto the Cantopop music scene in 2005 with the release of her first single, “Lonely.” Shortly after, she released her debut album, “Hit Me.”  Her incredible…

Jay Fung

SeanyMac Studios and Jay collaborated shortly after his big win on TVB’s Super Giant 3.  One of Hong Kong’s rising stars, his voice is a powerful mix of…

J. Arie

Hong Kong superstar J. Arie started learning music at a very young age.  During her university years, she continued her dream of pursuing music, entering several music competitions…

"…the most amazing voice coach in the world."
Elva Hsiao

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Private Voice Lessons
  • Whether a professional or beginner, get the best from your voice through regular voice lessons with SeanyMac Studios.
Vocal Coaching
  • Need a quick fix?  SeanyMac will customize coaching to improve vocal production within days of the performance.
Live Online Voice Lessons and Warm-up
  • Traveling takes up a large amount of time.  SeanyMac Studios can accommodate through Skype or FaceTime with voice coaching and warm-up exercises.
Artist Development
  • Looking to improve your artist?  SeanyMac Studios specializes in training young talent new to the industry.
Performance Training
  • Understand how a vocalist must appear on stage.  SeanyMac’s specialized coaching teaches performers how to entertain without hurting their voice.
Ensemble Coaching
  • Backing vocals need a tune up?  SeanyMac has over 25 years of experience in ensemble coaching and training.
On-site Coaching for Recording
  • Having a vocal coach in the recording studio is an invaluable asset.  SeanyMac works directly with producers and recording engineers to get the best out of every artists’ voice.
On-site Coaching for Television
  • Live and recorded television programs take a tremendous amount of time and energy.  SeanyMac has many years of experience coaching artists on set.

Get to Know More About SeanyMac


SeanyMac Studios is the top voice lessons studio in Hong Kong, working directly with both professional and beginner vocalists to improve vocal strength for auditions, performances, recording, touring, or just singing karaoke with potential business clients.


Based in Hong Kong, Sean Oliver has been coaching top vocal artists in Greater China and Southeast Asia for the last ten years. With a professional career spanning over 30 years, Sean teaches techniques for both voice and stage presence, understanding the challenges every artist faces.


Sean’s technique of coaching focuses on the demands of the artist, quickly solving common obstacles. His personalized vocal technique has helped the very best of vocalists to push their limits in every performance.

"He gives me the confidence to push my limits."
Tien Chong

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