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Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons

Private Lessons with SeanyMac Studios emphasize training the vocal and respiratory muscles. Beginner singers will find immediate improvement while professional singers will experience increased strength and longevity. Private lessons focus on the SeanyMac Six-Step Method, created by master vocal coach Sean Oliver, which gives singers a quick and effective path to greater vocal technique. It is this concept that has helped both beginner and professional singers to improve their performance.

The SeanyMac Six-Step Method is:

Breathing – Students learn diaphragmatic breathing and how to eliminate poor breathing habits.

Chest Voice – The chest voice is the speaking voice. Students will learn how to properly control and maximize volume while training both the breathing and larynx (voice box) muscles.  

Head Voice – Students learn how to connect vocal cords while using the lighter voice of the upper register as well as maximizing strength.

TransitionThe transition between chest voice and head voice is a difficult but necessary path. In transition, students learn how to make this a seamless skill.

Mixed Voice – After accomplishing transition, we will change the head voice to a mixed voice. A mixed voice is the ability to use the lighter head voice muscles as well as the chest voice muscles together to create a full sound in the upper register with less effort.  

Vocal Range – Singers will learn how to increase not only their upper range, but the lower range as well.


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After the first lesson, vocalists will understand how to engage the proper muscles to elevate the voice. After six months, singers will experience a completely new sound and power.


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