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Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching focuses on the song rather than training the vocal muscles.  SeanyMac uses quick and effective techniques to improve the performance of any song with an upcoming deadline.  As many students do not have the time for weekly training, vocal coaching utilizes exercises, mental imagery, and physical movement to correct improper singing. These techniques immediately give the student the ability to master style and ease the difficulty of singing high notes.

Vocal Coaching also emphasizes the narrative of each song. Both the student and teacher work together to interpret the song and understand the message the song is conveying.  Once the story is understood, we use description words, rhythms and dynamics to give the song motion.

Whether singing for a wedding, preparing for an audition or practicing for an upcoming performance, vocal coaching is a quick and effective way to get the best from your performance before the looming deadline.

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Improvement of performance after the first lesson.


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