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Looking for a space to host events or classes? Seeking a place for training and rehearsals? We offer multipurpose rooms and event venues for those in need of space during weekdays. With various supporting facilities, amenities, and services in place, these venues are well-equipped to meet your different needs and help you effortlessly showcase your talents!

Facilities and Services for Our Event Venues & Multipurpose Rooms

Our multipurpose rooms are available for rental from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Our event venues are also equipped with a variety of facilities and services to meet your different needs and site requirements easily!

  • Air Conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Storage Space to Store Small Equipment
  • Full-Body Mirrors
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  • Soundproofing Equipment

Diverse Applications of Our Multipurpose Rooms

Whether you are hosting private training, meetings, yoga classes, private tutoring, or need a spacious venue for performance rehearsals, SeanyMac’s multipurpose rooms and event venues can meet all your needs. An ideal location for a wide range of activities, our multipurpose room offers a spacious total area of 228 square feet with a rental price of only HK$200/hour. It provides an accessible and enjoyable space to host your event, allowing you to enjoy a seamless rental experience and a memorable occasion.

  • Meetings
  • Talks/Press Conferences
  • Private Events
  • Private Training
  • Rehearsal Space for Performances
  • Workshops/Interest Classes
  • Concerts
  • Yoga/Dance Studio
  • Other activities

Rental Process for the Multipurpose Rooms & Event Venue

Rental Availability: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Rate: HK$200/hour

If you are interested in renting our multipurpose room, please contact us by filling out this form, calling 5122 9496, or emailing [email protected] to check whether your desired date and time are available for reservation and proceed with the payment to confirm the booking.

Contact Us

For those in need of renting an event space on weekdays, we offer multipurpose rooms and event spaces, along with a variety of supporting facilities and services, to meet your needs. For inquiries about venue rental details, please contact us by filling out this form, calling 5122 9496, or emailing [email protected] to learn more!


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