If you are interested in giving your vocal skills a boost, you’ve come to the right place. Improving on your own is a difficult task, but getting singing lessons is an extremely efficient way of honing them in no time.

As well as our vocal coaches in Hong Kong having countless years of experience, we have set our singing lesson prices to ensure you receive a great value for money service. Both our vocal coaches in Hong Kong have their own areas of special expertise, and you can find the prices for single lessons and packages listed below.

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver

Director and Founder

Lessons in English

  • 1-hour lesson: HKD2,000
  • One-time 50% discount trial lesson: HKD1,000
  • One-time beginner 2 lesson package: HKD 3000 (25% discount; 30-day expiration)
  • Package of 4 lessons: HKD7,200 (10% discount; 30-day expiration)

Senior Vocal Coach

Lessons in Cantonese, Mandarin or English

Highly educated in music theory, piano, and vocal coaching

  • 1-hour lesson: HKD1,500
  • One-time 50% discount trial lesson: HKD750
  • One-time beginner 2 lesson package: HKD 2000 (33% discount; 30-day expiration)
  • Package of 4 lessons: HKD5,400 (10% discount; 30-day expiration)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of lessons I need to sign up for?

SeanyMac Studios offers 1-hour single lessons or a package of pre-paid lessons. If you want to see a longer-term improvement with our vocal coaches, go for our package lessons which are priced at a discounted rate. However, if you prefer lessons on an ad-hoc basis, there is no minimum number of lessons you must sign up for.

What happens if my lesson package expires?

If you purchase our discounted package of 4 lessons, you must use it up before the 30-day expiration date or you will have to purchase more lessons.

What will the lessons focus on?

At SeanyMac, we adopt a flexible approach to our lesson plans. This means that each lesson is tailored to each student and the areas in which they would like to improve.

Do I need to already be competent with my voice before signing up for lessons?

Our lessons are available for everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals. Beginners will notice more radical improvements while more experienced singers will be able to hone their strength and vocal skills.

Where are the lessons held?

Singing lessons can either be held at our studio here in Hong Kong or online if you are travelling, for example.


Interested in improving your singing skills with SeanyMac Studios? Contact us to learn more information!