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How to build up my child’s confidence and presentation skills

Presenting in front of an audience is a nerve-racking experience or even a huge fear for kids, but there is no denying that it is an essential life skill to thrive in the modern world. If you allow a lack of self-confidence to fester from an early age, it can carry over into your adolescence and adulthood, throwing a spanner in the works of realising your potential. Start building up your child’s confidence and presentation skills when they are young, and see it pay dividends as your little one grows up to be a self-assured individual unfettered by the shackles of fear and low self-esteem. Read on for some tips and tricks on what you can do as parents to improve your child’s self-confidence and presentation skills!

Provide encouragement in everyday conversation

Turning your child into an assertive presenter isn’t something that magically happens overnight. Like most other great qualities, confidence takes time, effort, and consistent practice to develop bit by bit–and your day-to-day conversations with your child are a good place to start. When it comes to confidence in presentation, it is all about making your child feel more at ease and comfortable with their delivery. Show encouragement when your child is speaking his/her thoughts and make them feel validated and heard. This can go a long way in building up their confidence and improving their self-esteem, and in turn, allow them to focus on what’s really important–getting their message across!

Give them ample time to socialise

Fear of being judged or rejected by peers is a common culprit for kids struggling with self-confidence. And one of the best ways to overcome this hurdle is by encouraging them to socialise with others and participate in social activities. Arrange regular opportunities for your child to socialise in an environment conducive to developing strong, healthy relationships. Let them grow accustomed to being around many other people and navigating the real world on their own. When they feel accepted and appreciated by their peers, they are more likely to be able to carry themselves calmly and confidently across different social situations–yes, even presenting in front of a large crowd!

Enroll them in a singing class

There are numerous extracurricular activities that can strengthen confidence and presentation skills, but few compare to the far-reaching and profound effects of singing lessons. In addition to providing fertile ground for nurturing the aforementioned communication and social skills, singing classes can also help boost children’s self-confidence and presentation capabilities in a multitude of different ways!

It can unleash their natural talent

It’s human nature that we are most confident when we are doing something that we love and are good at. For children who have a knack or penchant for singing, then taking them to a professional singing class is the next step to propelling them to recognise and hone their talent. While raw talent is certainly an advantage to any singer, professional vocal coaching is what will allow them to truly tap into their singing potential. In singing classes, students are taught proper vocal and pitch control and effective breathing techniques as employed by the experts. Through the mastery of technique and visible improvement of their skill, your child will build up confidence in their ability, directly translating to better self-esteem.

It fosters self-expression

Presentation is an inherent form of self-expression, and one of the most fundamental aspects of singing classes is encouraging self-expression through song. This helps build up your child’s confidence and encourages them to express themselves in a safe and creative environment. An experienced vocal coach can provide guidance for your child to sing with emotion, reach for higher notes, or experiment with various styles of music. By taking regular singing lessons, your child will become more comfortable speaking out loud and expressing themselves and their emotions through song without fear of judgement from others.

Learning technicalities of performance

Many singing classes also have a performance component that tackles the technical aspects of improving presentation skills. These include posture development, breathing techniques, vocal control exercises, physicality on stage, microphone technique and even public speaking basics such as eye contact, volume projection, etc. With practice and guidance from their instructor, your child will learn to present themselves confidently in front of an audience, whether it is on stage or during a school project.

Sign up for professional kids singing classes with SeanyMac

Whether your child is an introvert or an extrovert, singing classes can open up the world of music to them and teach them important life skills. If you notice that your child enjoys singing to tunes and want to help them build up self-confidence in a fun and enjoyable way, then look no further than SeanyMac Studios, Hong Kong’s premier vocal training studio.

Known for training some of Asia’s best-in-class singers, SeanyMac Studios offers professional vocal classes in Hong Kong for singers of all ages and levels. Taught by professional vocal coaches, its Kids Singing Classes is designed to nurture children’s singing skills using a winning 6-step vocal coaching method. Not only does it cover all the essential vocal techniques, but it also emphasises presentation skills and aims to help students develop better stage presence. Want to watch your child’s musical talent grow alongside their confidence? Get in touch with SeanyMac Studios and sign up for a Kids Singing Class today!

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