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“Making the Music” Demo Package

Ever wondered what it would be like to record like a professional vocal artist? Need to record a demo for an audition? Looking for that perfect gift for a loved one? SeanyMac Studios is now providing you with the opportunity to create your own demo package. With the “Making the Music” package you will be able to learn singing foundation and recording techniques. The entire process is documented, all happening in the same studio. The package includes:

  • Four (4) Lessons with master teacher and SeanyMac Studios founder Sean Oliver
  • One (1) song of your choosing to be vocal coached and recorded
  • One recording session with ManKave Music recording engineer Michael Lance
  • Video interviews
  • All recorded tracks
  • Mixed and mastered track
  • Ten (10) composited images
  • Documentary video

Creating your own music demo has never been so easy. Contact us to create a memory of a lifetime. 

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