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What is the Tongue/Lip Vowel Chart?

Learning how to properly sing vowels is a major obstacle for beginner singers. One of the hardest vowels to sing is the Ee vowel. Why? When we were young, we were taught to “Say Cheese” before taking a photo. Saying “cheese” not only forced a huge, toothy grin, but also tensed muscles in the jaw, cheeks and lips. These muscle…

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What is the Difference between Color and Technique in Singing?

What does it mean to color a song? Basically, it means using elements of your voice to tell a story.  These elements can include dynamics, breathiness, inflection, style and numerous other features of the human voice.  When I was young, I grew up in the church.  Every service, someone would get up to sing a song.  Most of the performances…

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How Do I Sing High Notes?

Whenever a new student comes to me for voice lessons, their biggest fear is always the same…singing high notes.  Even if they don’t say it, I can see fear in their faces as they sing higher and higher.  In an industry consistently wowed by the belt and high notes, learning how to properly train muscles in the higher register is…

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What is the Vocal Break?

The Vocal Break What is the vocal break? Quite simply, the vocal break is the weakest note in your vocal range. It is the note that separates the chest voice and the head voice. Have you ever noticed, as you sing higher and higher, how your voice essentially gives up and produces a light, easy-to-sing sound? The point where your…

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What is Lowered Larynx Singing?

The throat has four functions that can affect our singing.  These functions are breathing, swallowing, communication and yawning.  All of these functions are very natural, however there are only three that benefit the voice: breathing, communication and yawning.  The function of swallowing can be detrimental to the voice but can be combated with a lowered larynx. The Larynx Let’s…

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What is the SeanyMac Studios Six-Step Method?

Taking voice lessons can seem so complicated. When I was in university, every vocal student drenched themselves in the process of learning voice. From reading books to constant practice, every voice student abandoned their personal lives and committed every second to vocal technique. When I started teaching voice lessons, I realized how daunting this could be to new students and…

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